"Restless and Wild" (demos)


Studio Demo Tape, 1982

1. Fast As A Shark
2. Restless And Wild
3. Don't Go Stealing My Soul Away
4. Ahead Of The Pack
5. Neon Nights
6. Flaming Guitar Fire (original version of Get Ready)
7. Demon's Night
8. Shake Your Heads (short version due to tape problem)
9. Flash Rocking Man
10. Princess Of The Dawn

Joe Schlared: "I've never seen this posted anywhere, so I thought I would rip my own version. It features an "almost finished demo" of the final album.
This is from an old cassette copy I got from a guy in Los Angeles in the late 80s. I did the best I could transferring it. Pretty much
how it sounds is how I received it. It has a fair amount of tape hiss, and "Shake Your Heads" cuts out in the middle, so I just cut out
the dead spot. Otherwise an enjoyable and entertaining listen for anyone really into Accept, and quite the collectable I imagine!

Most of it sounds the same, but here are the noticable differences: The track listing is in the original order, "Flaming Guitar Fire" is the
original version of "Get Ready" (hilarious!), "Flash Rocking Man" has noticable different guitar breaks, "Princess Of The Dawn" sounds
like it has different vocals from Udo, and it has some different guitar stuff. There are more differences, but I'll let you guys pick it apart!"

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